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Don’t fit the system to the person, fit the person to the system.

— Sick systems: How to keep someone with you forever

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So much about feeling beautiful revolves around transformation. But I think the real thrill lies in recognition.

— Women in Clothes

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The thing about life in the real world is, all your hopes and dreams and desires and feelings are trapped inside you. Reality doesn’t care — it’s stiffly, primly indifferent to your inner life. But in a fantasy world, all those feelings can come out. When you cast a spell, you use your desires and emotions to change reality. You reshape the outer world to look more like your inner world.

— Lev Grossman on writing fantasy literature

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Amazing Backgrounds from 101 Dalmations

Walt Disney Studios, 1961

Ken Anderson, art director and production designer

I had such a visceral reaction to this.

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